Monday, January 5, 2009

Mai's Bijou

For several months, my mommy doggie sat the tiniest Shitsu I've even known, Bijou. I call her Mai's Bijou because my sister was also named Bijou. Mai's Bijou was even tempered but for a six pounder, she knew how to stand up for herself. She was mostly sweet but also had a stubborn streak. Unfortunately for her, because she was so cute, mommy tortured her with many picture taking sessions.

Bijou up in a tree.

Fasten up kiddies.

Humping a cute male Havanese. Humping is not always for mating. In this case, it's to show dominance. You'll sometimes see even very small female dogs humping large male dogs to show who's boss. Since I am bigger than Bijou, she would only play with me if I lay stomach down and let her believe she's dominating me. Hey, anything to get her to play.

Ready for a rainy day.

That time of the month. If you didn't already know, female dogs menstruate too. One way to avoid this is to fix your dog as soon as you can. Cutie Bijou is now spayed like me and she's much happier for it.

Mai taking us for a walk in Oakland Hills.

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