Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mini English Shephard

Mommy always wanted the Shaggy D.A. dog, the adorable English Sheep dog. Unfortunately, because she lives in the city and cannot stand shedding, she had to pass. So, the alternative is the fantastic Mini Aussie Shephard-Mini Poodle mix, like me. This mix means dogs vary from 15-30 pounds and most are haired dogs that do not shed.

When mommy found me on the internet, the breeder said I was considered a runt of her litter. She described me as "sweet" and playful. "Her whole body shakes when she tries to wiggle her little docked tail," she added. Mommy was not keen on the idea of having a docked tail puppy, something about it seemed cruel to her, but I came as a bundle of joy.

In regards to dock tails, traditionally Aussie Shepherds have docked tails to avoid being stepped on by the animals they attended. Coincidentally, English Sheep dogs also have docked tails but their reason is very different. Apparently at one point dogs were taxed by size and since they are huge, owners docked their tails to have lower taxes.

In any case, I'm considered a beta dog, but also extremely stubborn and likes to play rough. Mommy gave me the nick name Kujo, so you can imagine how wild my play time gets. Though by nature a more passive dog, mommy took steps to toughen me up and encourage my Kujo side.

This regiment included allowing me to feel taller than mommy. She would go to the ground a lot. She also played tug of war with me and let me win. When I showed signs of dominance, she would reward me. So, I'm a nice doggie, but I won't bow to anyone or anything...unless it's for a tummy rub.

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  1. Great pic. Loki does look like a mini old english shephard.