Monday, May 25, 2009

Veteran Day Delights at Point Isabel

Lapso Apso

Nice Yorkie. Many Yorkies have floppy ears. I have heard that droopy ears tend to have more infections due to moisture. I have not experienced it with my floppy ears though. What is your preference?

Dogs at attention.

What kind of dog is this?

Mini Aussies!

Mini Aussie bums. Did you know herding dogs, like the Aussie, have their tails docked in order to avoid having it stepped on by the animals they were herding? If broken, the tail can get infected, killing the dogs. Hence, docking was for health purposes.

Nice girls playing with me.

Doggies standing with owners in line for food. The Sit & Stay Cafe has a serious delicious hot chocolate. Mommy told me it tastes so good on those chilly days by the ocean.

I'm saving a table for mommy.

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