Monday, August 24, 2009

Gorgeous Yorkie - Danny

Mommy took me to Berkeley Marina this weekend to fly kites. That's where we saw the cutest yorkie ever, Danny. I was so smitten with Danny, I could not resist nibbling on his ears. His parents were so excited about how well we got along, they let Danny off his leash in public for the first time! We played tag for over an hour and drank more water than I have in my life.

Mommy said Danny reminds her of the sister I never saw, Bijou. Mommy asked me if I would like a brother like Danny. I immediately said yes! Let's hope Mommy is serious about that.

That's our octopus kite!


  1. Hi Loki, It's me, Danny. I'm so glad we met on Saturday and got to wrestle and play chase. My mommy was so impressed with the way I handled myself off leash, the next day we went to Carmel and she let me run free on Carmel Beach. This was the best weekend ever!

  2. Hi, Danny! How cool about Carmel! Guess what? My mommy is bringing home a sister for me in two months! Her name is Kaiju and she's another Aussiedoodle like me. We should play again. When is the next time you're heading by the Berkeley Marina or Pt. Isabel area?